The best companion app to exchange Dodo Codes

"We know you don't have a lot of options, but thanks for choosing us all the same."

Easier to use than any other alternative

Get guests to your island

Submit your code with a simple form and start receiving guests in no time!

Find other people's codes

Codes from other villagers are one tap away. Remember to be respectful when you visit!

Trade items and turnips like never before

The more you travel, the more you have the chance to trade items and sell turnips at a better price.

Close your gate directly in the app... hide the code instantly for other users in case you're receiving too many visitors or to remove it completely

Search by turnip price, hemisphere, fruits and much more! (COMING SOON)

Filter your code search by categories and travel for exactly what you're looking for.

Hundreds are already using the app and waiting for you to travel

Dodo's word of honor!



"I totally adore it! It's usefull for everyone without friends with ACNH..."



"Amazing! I was searching for ways to find dodo codes, and there was really no easy way."



"Just downloaded. This is such a good idea!"

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